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Since 1897, we’ve helped thousands of students find and develop the lion buried deep within themselves.  This includes aiding in career planning!  As you think about your next steps regarding college, also think about your next steps for career planning.  It is important to begin thinking about career planning as it gives you the much needed direction and makes it clear where you see yourself in future. It makes you aware of your strength and weaknesses and the skills and knowledge that are required to achieve your goals in future.

Here is what you can start doing now:

  1. Develop your interests and strengths
  2. Make a list of careers for consideration
    1. Talk to families, friends about their careers
    2. Attend “Career Day” presentations
    3. Learn about different careers through volunteering and job shadowing
  3. Compare your interests and strengths with those needed for various careers
  4. Reach out to the Office of Career & Professional Development to discuss your strengths and interests and how they align with the majors offered by Langston University!
  5. It is okay to change your mind throughout the process!


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