What Are Your Strengths? |15 GREATEST Strengths With Sample Answers

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How to answer what are your strengths in an interview CAN be extremely tricky; however, by preparing beforehand, you CAN increase your chances of PASSING your interview by up to 50%. As part of our interview tips and hacks series, we are going to EXPLORE 15 TOP STRENGTHS you can use when answering the question: What are your greatest strengths? Or What is your greatest strength? With that said,

Interviewers will ask you this question to DETERMINE how well your strengths MATCH with the KEY skills required in the job role. Use these 15 fantastic strengths to really stand out in front of hiring managers and PASS your interview.

Now, with each strength, we will give you the following:

1) We will provide you with a DEFINITION of each STRENGTH and why it is so powerful to use in your answer.

2) We will provide you with a sample answer with EACH strength so you know how you CAN use it in your answer.

Let’s jump RIGHT in:

How to Answer What Are Your Strengths in An Interview?

First, when answering this question, DON’T say, “I’m a perfectionist, I’m hard working, or I’m punctual,” These are extremely common answers and are strengths you should automatically bring to the job anyway. Next, choose strengths that HIGHLIGHT the KEY SKILLS in the job role. This can easily be done by skimming through the job description and choosing STRENGTHS that are mentioned in the job requirements section.

Ok, let’s get started,

Here are the TOP 15 Strengths that will allow you to STANDOUT in your job interview.

1) Ability to Multitask

This means you have the STRENGTH to work on more than one task while maintaining the quality of each. It also means you have the ability to switch focus with efficiency. This is a brilliant STRENGTH because it helps companies meet deadlines, manage time more efficiently, and avoid hiring more employees since they can rely on someone to complete multiple tasks at once.

Sample Answer

“I would say my greatest strength is my ability to multitask. This strength has allowed me to become more efficient by finding creative ways to complete different tasks all at once. Also, I take pleasure in knowing that whenever my team needs me to jump in to help them, I can do this without the quality of my other work being jeopardized. Multitasking is also a great STRENGTH to have to manage stress because I rarely get overwhelmed from too much work.”

2) Effectively Work In HIGHLY Pressurized Situations

This means you do NOT let pressure affect your work, and you can continue to complete HIGH-quality work on time within tight deadlines. It also means you have a heightened sense of clarity and focus. This strength makes you a reliable employee that can be trusted when unexpected deadlines arise.

Sample Answer

“My greatest strength is my ability to excel in highly pressurized situations. I have found creative ways to keep calm when working under pressure, for example, organizing my work more efficiently and getting the MOST important work done during the times I am MOST productive. Being able to work effectively under pressure has also allowed me to contribute a lot more to my team when they need me most. Not to mention, I exercise regularly and meditate, which has helped me control stress and focus more clearly at work which is great to help you control the pressures of work.”

3) Attention to Detail

This is another amazing strength to have because it allows you to complete tasks with more efficiency and accuracy. It helps you to improve your workplace productivity, efficiency and performance. Interviewers know the importance of this strength in a candidate because the fewer mistakes made at work, the less time is required to complete work.

Sample Answer

“My greatest strength is attention to detail. Throughout my life, I have always been focused on the finer things in everything I do. My attention to detail has also been an asset once I started working after graduation as a remote integrator. Being detail-oriented in my work allows me to manage multiple projects at one time and easily HIGHLIGHT the MOST important requirements of each project so they can be completed accurately. I am happy to say that I have a reputation for managing multiple large projects and delivering 100% of them on-time to our clients. In fact, I finished 45% of my assigned projects ahead of schedule.”

4) Ability to COLLABORATE

Someone who can COLLABORATE promotes a unified work environment and excels working in a team. They motivate and push team members to complete projects and tasks. Companies appreciate this strength in a candidate, especially when much of the work in an organization involves some type of teamwork.

Sample Answer

“My greatest strength is my ability to collaborate and add value to my team. First, I have always been told by managers and team members that I am an easy person to work with, making assignments easier to complete because we are always on the same page. I think being STRONG at collaborating has also made me more self-aware of what is important in a team. For example, I do my best to motivate my team and support them when the project stalls or if one team member does NOT agree with another member, I try to find a middle ground for both of them. I also make it my duty to be as flexible as possible, jumping into different roles within my team depending on what they need me to complete on specific days.”

5) Resourceful

Being resourceful means, you have the ability to find creative and unique ways to overcome tough situations. Resourceful people also have a strong network of people to help them find things. Companies love a person who is resourceful because there may NOT always be a solution available to a problem, so thinking outside of the box to find one CAN be an extremely attractive strength to have.

Sample Answer

“I would say my greatest strength is my resourcefulness. I’ve always been the type of person who thinks outside of the box, trying new ways to do a task more quickly and efficiently. This has been a great asset when a solution is sometimes NOT available, and we have to rely on our creativity to find one that will help us complete the job at hand. One element that helped me develop this skill is my ability to get along with people easily, which can also be a huge asset because I have a great network of people available that I can reach out to if needed. These people can provide great scope and experience helping us solve the problem at hand.”

6) Empathetic

Being empathic means, you put yourself in someone else’s shoes. By doing this, you can understand a fellow colleague’s issue more clearly and assist them in their work. Companies admire someone who is EMPHATIC because it reduces friction in the workplace, allowing colleagues to assist one another when needed.

Sample Answer

I would say my greatest strength is that I am emphatic towards people around me. For example, I have found that new hires sometimes have a difficult time transitioning into a team when they are not fully aware of the overall team dynamics, like how we complete projects, delegate tasks, etc. Personally, I have been in the same position before, and it can be very difficult. So, I now take time to introduce myself to new team members and ask them if they have any questions. I make it a point to go over what I feel will help them excel in their job role and transition into the team more efficiently. By doing this, we keep productivity flowing in the right direction, and everyone continues to push their weight equally.”

7) Self Motivated

A person who is self-motivated does NOT get discouraged easily and takes initiative and action to complete projects. Companies love a candidate who is self-motivated because they CAN push forward when things get tough, and they are also extremely reliable.

Sample Answer

“I believe my greatest strength is that I am extremely self-motivated. This comes from the fact that I love what I do, so I am always trying to find ways to do my work better. So whenever I am faced with a challenge, I persevere by telling myself that this challenge is part of my job and that others are depending on my work to help the company meet its objective. I also take enormous pleasure in knowing that facing a problem and finding a way to overcome that problem will make my job and potentially others’ jobs easier in the future. One more key thing that motivates me is that in this day and age, I am blessed to be alive and employed when others may not be so fortunate.”

8) Take Initiative

Being someone that takes initiative means that you take control of your own decisions and are a forward-moving person. You don’t need people to tell you to get work done and are willing to go the extra mile to complete tasks. In short, you push yourself to take action.

Sample Answer

“My strength is that I take initiative and don’t need people to push me to do things. If I feel that something can be done better and more efficiently, I will use that process as long as I am not breaking company policies and procedures. For example, at my previous job, our team was keeping track of clients on a spreadsheet. I decided to search online and speak to people about software that we can use, like Asana or Trello, to help us keep track of projects. This was such a huge step for us that it changed the way we delegated work to each other too. As a matter of fact, our team as a whole became more efficient after implementing software that we were able to complete projects more quickly, which impressed our clients.”

9) Divergent thinker

What a unique and impressive strength to mention in your interview. Someone who is a “Divergent Thinker” is extremely creative and looks for multiple ways to find a solution to a problem. A great example of this is approaching a problem from all angles instead of just one. Interviewers appreciate this STRENGTH in a candidate because it improves efficiency, and this candidate can be an asset in many different roles too.

Sample Answer

My greatest strength can be defined by the way I think. I consider myself a divergent thinker, where I’m always finding new and improved ways to complete a task or project. I believe in such a competitive world; efficiency is KEY while keeping the highest standards for our clients. Not only that, I’m able to generate ideas quickly for my team so we can spend more time progressing through the project. Me being a divergent thinker has allowed me to approach problems from different angles and find a solution to problems that seemed challenging at first.”

10) Adaptable

Being adaptable means, you can be pulled out of your comfort zone and put somewhere else WITHOUT it affecting your focus and the quality of your work. Candidates who possess this strength are considered an asset because they can adjust to change in the workplace quickly.

Sample Answer

“I would say my greatest strength is my ability to adapt to change or a situation quickly. By being adaptable, I can work in all different types of environments and teams without losing focus on what’s important. I think the key to being adaptable is to keep an open mind at all times and be someone that others at work can communicate with openly. This way, you are not caught off guard if you have to shift to a new location or even into a new team. I’ve found that having the ability to openly communicate can quickly help you adapt to your team by putting all of you on the same page in terms of what work needs to be completed and which team member is in charge of what areas of a project.”

11) Flexible And Versatile

This strength is closely related to adaptability but involves your ability to take on different types of work and use your vast set of skills to be more efficient when your team needs you most. Managers may come to you if other employees are absent or if a client has some last-minute requests that must be done immediately.

Sample Answer

“One of my greatest strengths is my flexibility and that I’m extremely versatile. I think this is a very important skill to have, especially in such a competitive world where efficiency is KEY to get ahead of your competition. I take enormous pride in knowing that my managers and team can count on me to take on work that’s not part of my duties and excel at it. Management should also be able to count on me to jump into other roles and adapt quickly to the work and the people I work with. I believe the bottom line for every company is high-quality efficiency, which translates into profit. Having someone who is flexible and versatile means you can spend less on hiring staff and more time relying on the team you already have working for you.”

12) Resilient

Someone who is resilient can handle stress and continue pushing forward in the face of adversity. Resilient people who don’t give up after receiving bad news are also extremely positive, confident, and determined. Companies love resiliency in a candidate because there will be challenges every single day at work which will test your patience and push you to your limits. However, you have to stay focused and still be someone to get the job done that’s assigned to you always.

Sample Answer

“I am extremely resilient, and I would say this is my greatest strength. I don’t get deterred easily. I understand that I may receive negative feedback from management or have to work on a project that may not align fully with my skill set. I also understand that there will be times at work when I may not get the promotion I feel I deserve or even feel appreciated. However, I am an extremely positive person and determined, so I am always looking to find ways to improve myself. I want to deserve everything that comes my way, and that means not folding when faced with stress and giving up. The only way for your team to appreciate what you can do for them is by being the type of co-worker that they can depend on no matter what the circumstances at work.”

13) Passionate

Someone who is passionate really loves what they do. This translates into an employee that is positive, hard-working, supportive, and always looking for ways to make improvements to themselves and the organization. Interviewers want to hire a candidate who truly is interested in the job because this ensures they have someone that plans to stay with the company and progress into different roles.

Sample Answer

I am an extremely passionate person and am here interviewing with you today because I will have a chance to work in an industry that is my passion. I believe you have to be passionate about the work you do because this is the only way you will give it your 100%. Passion pushes you to find creative ways to become more efficient and be someone that your team and managers can rely on at work. Being passionate about your work also ensures you continue to grow in this field with the company that you feel can allow you to build on your current skill set.”

14) Optimistic

An optimistic person has a positive mindset and even views negative situations as a positive learning experiences. Optimistic people motivate team members to find creative ways to deal with setbacks in the workplace. Optimism is admired by interviewers in candidates because it fits so well into the company culture.

Sample Answer

My greatest strength is that I am a very optimistic person, and I don’t let challenges demotivate me. I believe in life and at work, you will be faced with challenges every day, and you need to stay positive so you can find creative solutions to persevere forward. Not only that, but having an optimistic view of life allows me to be there for my team by supporting them when things seem to get tough in the workplace. Being optimistic has allowed me to form relationships with my colleagues and align with the core values of the company.”

15) Structured

Being a structured person means that you are self-aware and have your day planned out for optimal performance. A structured person does not bend easily, which is a strength, especially when procedures have to be followed.

Sample Answer

“I would say that my greatest strength is that I am a well-structured person. My ability to structure and plan out my day has been a huge contributor to a well-balanced lifestyle. For example, one thing I’m great at because I’m so structured is managing time and ensuring that I allocate enough time to complete the MOST important priorities of the day or week. When I know deadlines are to be met, I will plan for them way ahead of time and will follow my structured plan thoroughly. I am happy to say that until now, I have not missed a deadline which I take huge pride in, especially because I know my manager and teams depend on me enormously. This has allowed me to not only excel in completing projects or work on time but has been the number 1 contributing factor in where I am today.”

Final Thoughts

When answering the interview question: What Are Your STRENGTHS? Or, What is Your GREATEST STRENGTH? It is ESSENTIAL to prepare ahead of time, so DO NOT get caught off guard. Keep your answer RELEVANT to the job role you are interviewing for so you can demonstrate to the hiring manager how you will be an ASSET to their company. With that said,

Use our list of 15 TOP STRENGTHS to help formulate your answer. We also recommend that you HIGHLIGHT the KEY SKILLS in the job description so you can MATCH your strengths with the requirements of the job.

By Rizvan Ullah
Rizvan Ullah blogger/CEO