Prepare for an Interview

Research Your Audience

Learn everything you can about the organization ahead of your interview. Rely on information you gather from:

  • The company’s website (mission/values page, employee bios, blog posts, and press releases), LinkedIn page, and social media accounts
  • Headlines, news releases, and trending hashtags about the organization and industry

Anticipate Interview Questions and Practice Responding

You’ll never be able to anticipate every single question that will come up during your conversation, but you should be able to research common prompts and rehearse thoughtful responses. Practice the PARK or STAR method to effectively respond to behavioral interview questions.

Note: In most scenarios you’ll be invited to ask a few questions of your interviewers at the end of your conversation. Prepare some in advance based on the employer research you did, items in the job description you’d like further detail on, or that stem from your discussion during the interview.

Dress Accordingly

Business and/or business casual dress are the norm for most interview scenarios— even virtual ones. Rely on the research you’ve done to understand the organization’s culture and dress code and make your outfit selection. Even in a casual environment, dress a notch or two above everyone else to offer a positive first impression. Make sure whatever you decide to wear is comfortable and won’t be a distraction to you or to others.

Logistical and Mental Preparation

Familiarize yourself with your route/parking plans ahead of your in-person interview, or fully charge and test any technology (including downloading and updating software) well ahead of your virtual meeting. Make sure not to skip out on your normal meals, and get plenty of sleep so that you’re refreshed and energized for your conversation. Spend the hours leading up to your interview looking over your resume and/or notes, skimming the day’s headlines, and relaxing.

After the Interview

A handwritten thank you note is the ideal way to follow up after your interview, but a timely email is fine, too, if you know the process is moving quickly. Briefly thank the interviewer(s) for their time, restate your interest in the role, and add any significant information you may not have had the chance to bring up in your conversation.


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